Montana Kish.jpg

Montana Kish


Hi I’m Montana! I’m a manager at Power House Living Foods Co. I love spending time outdoors with my friends & searching for new vegan recipes to try out! My favourite thing about working for Power House is how we can cater to so many people with restricted diets & make it possible for them to have a quick, fresh, nutritious option when they go out to eat!

Carlin Fair.jpg

Carlin Fair


I’m Carlin and I work as a juice barista at Power House Living Foods Co. I love finding new and interesting places to hike and adventure! I love building relationships with customers and developing real human connections. Seeing people smile after understanding what’s in our food makes me so incredibly happy.

Kaelin Wood.jpg

Kaelin Wood


Hi my name is Kaelin, I am your friendly neighbourhood juice barista! The only thing I like better then talking about food, and making food, is eating! I love helping everyone find the perfect drink for their health wants and needs.

Paige Johnson.jpg

Paige Johnson


Hi! I’m Paige Johnson! I’m a juice barista at Power House Living Foods Co. I love going on hikes and adventures around the island. My favourite part about working in a vegan restaurant is making people feel good through food.


Nicole Jeffries


Hi! I’m Nicole Jeffries, I’m a raw food chef at Power House Living Foods Co. I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy the great outdoors, spending my free time mountain biking, and travelling in search of new experiences. What I love most about my job is the opportunity it gives me to take hand in sharing wholesome food with the community.

Kaylin Fowler.jpg

Kaylin Fowler


Hi I'm Kaylin! A juice barista at Powerhouse Living Foods Co. I love being outdoors, my favourite thing about making raw vegan food is it's beneficial for you and the environment!


Dakota Hodge


Hi I’m Dakota! I’m a raw food chef & juice barista. I love to be outdoors and eat locally. I'd love to make you a tasty drink or snack that will power your day!!


Jordan Jeffries


Hey I'm Jordan! I’m a manager at Power House Living Foods Co. I believe in the 100 mile diet, eating fresh foods grown close to home. I enjoy perusing local farmers markets, gathering tasty fresh foods, and supporting our local community. I love creating delicious raw vegan foods for you!


Elizabeth Heyes


I’m Elizabeth Heyes, I’m a juice barista at Power House Living Foods Co. I like to spend time with my friends and family in my spare time and love experiencing new places with them. What I love most about my job is seeing people choose a healthy option that helps save the animals.